Friday, April 30, 2010

Crescent Heaven

Good morning!!

Sorry to be MIA most of yesterday. I was busy baking my little heart out.

So. As part of Pssst I hosted a MyGetTogether featuring recipes using Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. I modified the recipes a little bit - but you can find them if you click that link.

I honestly use Pillsbury dough all the time. Crescents are great for baked brie or sliced up for piggies in a blanket. Ironically - this time - though I served pigs in a blanket I put another dent in the gigantic box still in my freezer.

Anyway a good time was had by all and everything was de-licious.

First up, veggie pizza.

I modified the recipe since I didn't want too much wasted food. I used one can of dough and 3/4 of the cream cheese mixed with light sour cream. I picked up the reduced fat dough completely by accident but I tasted no difference.

Instead of using garlic powder I used lemon pepper.

Sidenote: Look at this pepper. It was pregnant with a little baby pepper inside. Kinda freaky.

Other changes: I steamed the broccoli, nixed the cucumbers and added roasted tomatoes and the aforementioned yellow bell pepper. It was incredibly tasty. There was only one little sliver left when all was said and done.

Oh! Carrie brought the cutest bottle of wine. I loved this.

Carrie also let me have both hands free and took the pictures as I made the bacon swiss tartlets. These were incredibly easy and delish. I was shocked.

Fill the muffin tins (lightly sprayed with canola) with a triangle of dough. Press so that sides of the tin are covered.

Fill with crumbled bacon (I used about 2 slices) and diced swiss cheese diced (about 2 deli slices again - I have an aversion to pre-shredded cheese)green onion and I also added parsley.

Then pour in an egg mixed with heavy cream S&P.

Ta da!! We all agreed these would be awesome for brunch. I actually had a leftover one for breakfast!

I also served the aforementioned pigs in a blanket.

and a coffee cake for dessert. It was supposed to be a cherry cream cheese coffee cake. I improvised with cream cheese, sugar, cinnamon and chocolate chips. Glazed with vanilla flavored confectioner's sugar.

Now I I have to do is the dishes. :)

It was a really fun night. Thanks to Pillsbury for the yummy food ideas. My friends all loved it. And for all her hard work (ha!) Carrie was the winner of the other apron.

Off to rehearsal. Be back later.


  1. Great party. Glad me pics came out good! Take me on the road when you get famous. I'll make an excellent sous chef!

  2. Aww, thanks Jenny. You're pretty too.

    You've definitely got a deal CS. One of us needs to get moving on that type of thing pronto!! Thanks for coming.