Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pillsbury - My Get Together

I was about to upload the picture of my dinner last night (eaten at rehearsal) and my breakfast today.

The issue is they look identical even though they are two different things.

One of these is a cheddar and hummus sandwich - the other - peanut butter.

Since that makes this post far from exciting I'll tell you about the little shindig I'm having tomorrow. As part of the Pssst Panel I'm hosting a My Get Together tomorrow night. I'll be making a bunch of appetizers and a dessert using Crescent rolls and my friends will help me eat them. Should be fun! Look for pictures and a full report on Friday.

Until then I'm super busy today wrapping up things as I'm out most of Friday and will be sidelined after the gallbladder and I part ways on Tuesday next week.

Honestly foodwise today is a bit of a bust. My lunch isn't going to be too exciting either.

BUT. Rumor has it some guy I've been hanging around with lately wants to meet me for drinks after work.

I'll keep you posted. :)


  1. Ooo la la!! Go you on the dating scene!! :D

  2. I know!! Will wonders never cease?

  3. Congrats on drinks with the boy!! Good luck!

  4. Thanks Ann! I appreciate it.