Friday, April 9, 2010

Fine times at The Bluebell Cafe

Good morning. In two days I board a plane. I cannot be more ready to go on vacation.

For lunch yesterday - tuna on an EM w/TJ's BBQ PopChips.

I met my friend Maddy at The Bluebell Cafe, a place that just opened up by me. It's now my new favorite restaurant. So quaint and charming and cute. The guy who met us at the door had a flower stuck in his hair. HA! The service was a bit slow but it's new so I'll forgive it. I had the most delicious Gruyere and Ham w/Carmelized onions.

My gallbladder isn't quite happy with my choice but I was. I ate half and if I feel up to it expect to see the other half at lunchtime. We also had this - because buying wine by the bottle is simply economical.

I was home and craving sweets so I had a glass of skim chocolate milk and only one of those pieces of chocolate.

One of the most amazing things about losing weight this time? I have never - not once - felt deprived in the last 2 years. I feel better than I ever have and it's not imperative I stuff my face anymore because I'm planning on starving myself soon. I eat what I want but in smaller portions. It doesn't work like magic but it really, truly does work.

Breakfast this am - the other half of frittata and some breakfast potatoes.

Working from home today - heading to LI tonight to officially start my vacation. Woo hoo!!!

See you in a bit.

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