Monday, April 26, 2010

Carbo Loading

I've already been to the hospital and the tailor's today. The hospital for my pre-op tests - the tailor to get my God awful dress hemmed. They actually forgot to do one of the tests so I need to go BACK to the hospital at 1.

The nurse who I met with this morning was so sweet. She called and felt awful about making me come back.

On the way home I bought and pretty much inhaled this bagel w/scallion cream cheese. This bagel was from Ess-A-Bagel and was roughly the size of my head.

I also baked some bread.

Really. Jim Lahey has changed my life. Please note the version Mark Bittman included in How To Cook Everything is a little different. More flour and more yeast for one.

I just ate a slice with a little butter.

I need to find some protein for lunch. Seriously. That bagel looks almost as big as the whole loaf of bread!!!

And that's my day so far. Hope yours is treating you well.


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