Monday, April 26, 2010

Sometimes it just happens

Sometimes you eat carbs all day long. But - truthfully, it's not every day I bake a loaf of bread or get a bagel and I think that's the key.

It's more like a special occasion. :)

Tonight I didn't want chicken. The quickest thing to defrost is shrimp and I didn't want that either. I had other options but Jen had sent me an email regarding asparagus this morning.

Wow that's small. Basically it says - if you eat asparagus you can metabolize liquor quicker.

I didn't drink tonight but that good info right there.

I had some whole wheat penne with asparagus, roasted tomatoes ricotta, pecorino and mozzarella.

with half a slice of garlic bread on the side

And I can also report I'm a failure as a Fireman's daughter. While making my dinner I didn't notice that something was sitting too close to an open flame. When I finally got to it it looked like this:

I didn't realize it right away because yesterday while cooking the chicken I did this:

It's now reassembled and back where it belongs.

Make sure you all check your smoke detectors. I guess there's a good reason we have them right?

I'm back in the office tomorrow and then a late chorus rehearsal.

And with that - I'm heading to bed. See you tomorrow.

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