Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More of the same

I ate breakfast so quickly (and early) this morning I forgot to snap a picture.

I'm sure you'll forgive me since it was simply a PB sandwich.

I felt icky on the way to work and got a fountain DC and a bag of pretzels when I got here. After that I felt a little bit better.

I was hungry again around 1:30. Lunch was more of the same too. Just what I had for lunch yesterday. Only the venue has changed.

Plus a little dessert of chocolate.

I've been slacking on drinking water these days - mostly because I got rid of the last reusable bottle I had at work as it was not PBA free. I just picked a mug up from the cafeteria. This one is a #5 which is still said to be safe.

Until they tell us differently. You know how that goes. Something's always lurking around the corner. At least I'll get at least 20 oz of water in again.

I'm in an oddly crabby mood. Little things are annoying me. I plan to walk to chorus and shake it off.

Have a good afternoon. Be back later!

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