Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2 for 1

I made the mistake of running outside this morning. It's too freaking hot.

I did about 2 out of the 3 miles I wanted to do. But at least the 2 was running/1 walking.

I have decided though all running will be done indoors until further notice.

You know when you know when it's time to start running in NYC?

When you pass a homeless guy pulling up his jeans by the running trail. Seriously NYC by the East River is not the place for the meek on a Tuesday morning.

Oddly enough when I made my way back he was wearing a set of light blue scrubs and brushing his teeth. :\

Last night in class we talked about what to do with our pieces, how to pitch them, how to spin them into other articles. I have a great option of where to submit my piece as is but I also talked about 2 other options.

1) How to eat light while dating.

I think I've done an OK job with this. I'm keeping a close eye on myself and I haven't gained much - if anything. I've seen the standard 1-2 pound gains losses that I've seen all this year. And I really do love eating out. Plus dating does have it's merits. :)

I'm not sure what to do. I'm happy. For the most part I could be this weight forever and be perfectly OK. I know how to eat now and am active enough to maintain as is.

But on the other hand I kind of miss the lifestyle of exercising close to 5x a week. I know. Pick me up off the floor. And this will be no surprise but I really, really miss Zumba. I miss the way I used to be disciplined and if I was going out I would work out in the morning. So my goal in the next few weeks is to find a balance. And to take a Zumba class if I can. I don't need to lose 50+ pounds anymore but I need to make sure they don't come back.

I'm not going to kill myself or beat myself up. It's the summer. I'm in a new relationship. I'm going to enjoy it.

(and use half of what I just typed there to put in a new article.) :)

2) Eating light while traveling for work.

Both of these ideas are mostly a no brainer. Eat salads not hamburgers for the most part. But I could spin the article and pitch it to a trade publication or an in-flight magazine.

So...it's exciting. I do not expect to really make a living writing but it's a great thing on the side. It's something I can do on my own time and it's something I really enjoy. Work is stressing me out right now (more just my own issues with the kind of work I'm doing and the way that work is perceived) and I think having another outlet will help a lot. And then we'll see what happens.

Today I am working from home. I have a webcast at 2:30 and then Dave and I are going here tonight.

I can already tell you dinner will be a hot dog so don't be too surprised.

Back later with my lunch!!!

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