Friday, June 25, 2010

Thursday Night

OK. Now I know where I am.

There was no trivia last night :( but there was telephone Pictionary and dinner.

I'm addicted to the hot pretzels at this place. Yum.

I had the Mediterraean Shrimp which was shrimp with pesto and tomatoes on garlic bread.

Dave had a dozen wings which were supposed to be half Jerk half Buffalo but they all looked the same.

By the way, he thinks you are more interested in his food than mine. I think you are more interested in him in general than my food but too bad for you.

This is still a food blog. ;)

On my walk home I grabbed some bagels from Murray's Bagels so that was my breakfast.

Whole wheat. Scallion cream cheese.

My mom stayed at my apartment last night. She has a meeting in the city today and I am meeting her after work for dinner I believe. Then the weekend is NJ Saturday, LI Sunday.

Stay tuned for more details. Are you as happy as me that it's Friday???


  1. Mostly I prefer your meals to Dave's, but occasionally the other way around. Actually, all the desserts would be first on my list and then anything with shrimp except if it's too spicy. You like things spicier than I do. That's what she said.

  2. Well yes, we are interested in him! :)Maybe a teensy detail or two wouldn't prevent it from still being a food blog?!

  3. HA! Well he thinks that maybe he's amassed a following here. Just be thankful I'm not around when he's eating stuff like chopped liver. :)

    10lbs - I understand completely. Since most of the meals I've eaten lately are with him I'm sure you'll hear plenty. :)

  4. a HA - I am not the only one who is interested in more Davetalk. LOL.