Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dinner for lunch

Our cafe has a Cooking Light option for lunch. Since I don't know when I'm eating next I decided to try it. It's a heavier lunch than I'm used to but pretty tasty.

BBQ Chicken Breast, potatoes and asparagus. YUM.

Busy, busy day.

More later.


  1. It was really good, and pretty inexpensive for lunch in NYC. I'm not sure I buy the whole Cooking Light thing though. It tasted too good!!

  2. That looks like one of the greatest work cafeteria lunches ever. Or when you say "our cafe," maybe you just mean a nearby cafe? Anyway, looks great.

    My work cafeteria had a "design your own salad" thing and a "design your own pasta" thing. Not all the time, but every once in a while.

    You had your choice of meats to put on, choice of veggies to put in, and choice of dressing/sauces. The salad would be cold, but the meat and such would be sauteed together and put on top. The pasta was hot and all sauteed together with the sauce and toppings, like penne with shrimp, mushrooms, and pesto sauce. :) Anyway...those were awesome.

    Another favorite was their incredibly bad for you English, egg, & cheese, done up on the buttered grill. Heavenly. I had that all the time for "2nd breakfast" when I was pregnant.

  3. Nope I mean our cafeteria. And it was just as tasty as it looked.

    We have both of those as well but this was a great option that I'm very happy to have found.