Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sweet Potatoes

Good morning.

I fell asleep very early last night (like at around 9:30) which was awesome because I clearly needed an attitude adjustment. I had an annoying day at work and even skipped my class. I hate when my mood gets in the way of something I love but I clearly needed a break.

Before I went to sleep I made dinner. Mashed sweet potatoes with crispy onions, panko coated boneless pork chop with honey mustard and some peas for greenery.

I like ketchup with my pork chops. Does that make me weird?

Breakfast was PB on a sandwich thin (unpictured).

Lunch is up in the air. I have a sandwich to eat this afternoon as I am assisting at an event tonight and who knows when I'll get to the hors oeuvres.

See you later!!

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