Friday, June 4, 2010

Three Ring Circus

So last night I talked to a Go-Go dancer wearing a white afro, a hipster magician and watched two women hang from the ceiling.

Ahhh New York. How I love you.

Bagatelle , RdV and Kiss and Fly invited us to see their space last night.

Stacked in a row in the Meatpacking District - these are the types of places I go know...invited for free.

But I will say I really liked the space at RdV and could see myself at brunch at Bagatelle.

All in all it was a good, if slightly bizarre, night.

Here are some pictures so you'll feel like you were there. Maybe. Food pics came out pretty blurry though. :(

From RdV.

From Bagatelle.

And the party at Kiss and Fly. The aforementioned Go-Go dancers. One of them sat to talk to us and it was very disconcerting.

We sat under a kind of gazebo.

White wine

Saffron risotto cakes (these were my favorite!)

Shrimp cocktail

Crab Napolean

Mini Ham and Cheese

and me and Patti. :)

I am going away for the weekend to the beach, heading out this afternoon (T minus 3 hours and counting) and I cannot wait. This means I am traveling sans computer. :( But I promise I will be back with all the delicious details in a day or two.

Have a great weekend!