Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pappardelle Primavera w/Shrimp

For my first food writing assignment, I need to write about an ingredient I love. My task is to talk about shrimp and how I eat it now compared to how I did before I lost weight.

There is a simple answer to that. I used to eat fried shrimp like it was my job and now I...don't. It was honestly my go to order when eating out, though I rarely made it for myself that way. These days, even if there's a bit of oil (and sometimes butter) involved the shrimp I eat are most definitely not dripping in fat.

I used the following for 2 servings:

I took the shells of the shrimp and tossed them in a hot pan, deglazed with white wine. I removed the shells and added onion, simmering till translucent - about a 1/4 cup of onion.

Then I added about a tablespoon of olive oil, 2 cloves of roasted garlic and 6 large shrimp.

I then added a bit of leftover zucchini I had, chopped finely + a pat of butter.

I know. But it really makes such a difference. It was a small pat - that camera angle makes it look monstrous.

Then I added some tomatoes, which I had roasted earlier and some broccoli and asparagus that I steamed quickly before adding.

I tossed with the pasta, some fresh parsley, a little crushed red pepper.

And it was delicious.

Is there something you love that you eat differently now than you did before you were watching your weight? There are things that just don't taste as good unless you eat the full fat version, but this was just as delicious, if not more so, than what I used to eat.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. It went way too fast for me. The weather is so nice this week I'm finding it REALLy difficult to be inside.

Lunch pics will be up at dinnertime. I forgot the cord for my camera at home. :( Unless I use my cell phone. We'll see what happens.

It's a tuna wrap - so I don't know if you'll really be missing much. :)

Have a happy Wednesday. See you later!


  1. I used to order fried shrimp a fair amount also. Now I often order grilled shrimp & sirloin w/rice pilaf and veggies, and half comes home with me for the next day.

    However, I did actually order fried shrimp over the weekend. It was at a pizza place and I didn't feel like pizza or sandwiches. I guess once in a very blue moon is better than all the time, right?

    Since trying to eat better, I don't use butter for onions, omelets, etc. I measure out about a half teaspoon of olive oil in the non-stick pan and it does the trick.

    I also make swordfish and wild salmon probably once or twice a week now and never made them before at home. That's more for my arthritis than my weight, but it's still good. :)

    I buy more vegetables, too, like asparagus, spaghetti squash, zucchini, and tomatoes.

    It's a good feeling to eat a little bit better.

  2. It's fine to eat something fried once in a while. I wouldn't want to live in a world where that is not OK.

    I very rarely use butter in cooking I'm all about olive oil or canola spray but sometimes there really is no substitute.

    You picked two of the only types of fish I do not enjoy (tuna is another). I'm all about white flaky fish like mahi mahi or halibut.

    It really does feel good when you eat more vegetables. Who knew??! :)