Thursday, June 3, 2010

Swings and Things

So sorry for the delay. I was so tired when I got home last night. Here we go with a Wednesday update.

I love the summer. If pressed I'd say fall or spring were my preferred seasons for weather but I really think it's the end of May/early June and the end of September that are my very favorite time of year. Summer's almost here or the fall is upon us. It's not too hot nor too cold. I guess it's my version Goldilocks. They're both just right. :)

And to clarify again I mean weather wise. I also really, really love Thanksgiving and Christmas.

But that's a post for another time.

First, the food.

Snack of pretzels and cheddar cheese.

Tuna wrap, BBQ PopChips, delicious garlicky pickle.

I think this pickle would make an excellent fried pickle. :)

Then after work it was drinks at the Southwest Porch in Bryant Park.

There was a time when I'd be on the east side of the park waiting to get into the meat (or is it meet?) market that is the Bryant Park Cafe. And not meeting anyone worthwhile while there either come to think of it.

Instead I sipped wine while sitting on a porch swing and eating some excellent guacamole. Plus the Porch is very reasonable. Beer, wine, cocktails and snacks for $8 and under. Can't wait to go there again.

Then I took some pictures of the sunset on 41st Street.

I made this one antique like in iPhoto. I like this shot a lot.

It was then more snacky type things at Croton Reservoir Tavern where Carrie reminded me I went once with her BEFORE a wine tasting.

Somehow I don't think that ended well.

Kristen and I shared the Mussels and Chorizo and Hummus. The hummus was tres yum.

Tonight I'm going to an industry event with Patti at Kiss and Fly.

This is how I go clubbing. At 6 PM. :) And for free. I'm not one for VIP table service.

I'm much more suited to porch swings in the park.

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