Friday, June 11, 2010


And now I give you my meals for today. Full disclosure - also eaten today and unpictured - lots and lots of pretzels. For some reason I'm a munch monster these days.

I don't feel so bad about it today as I walked the 6 miles to/from the Brooklyn Bridge and ran the last half mile home.

Of course - then there's my dinner which I thought I deserved for my efforts. :)

Tomorrow - early - I'm going to attempt to do laundry. Then catch the 10:20 am show of Sex and the City 2. People say it sucks, and that it's missing both sex and the city but I'll pay half price to see it. :)

Then I am going to clean my kitchen floor till it finally shines. I've been just glossing the surface for months now and it's time to get my hands dirty.

I know. Incredibly exciting life I lead. Don't be jealous.

It's time to switch between the Yankee game and clear out my DVR.

Have a lovely evening.

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