Saturday, June 12, 2010

Too many snacks

I haven't had dinner and I'm not sure I plan to as I've had too many snacks. And can I just say that hormonal eating really is the pits. I'm thisclose to going out to Baskin-Robbins for chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

It's also an explanation for eating nearly a whole pound bag of pretzel niblets in the last 3 days and the consumption of a can of Utz sour cream and onion dip (yeah I said can and yeah I didn't exactly show you that) so there is that.

Instead I'm thinking of heating up some turkey meatballs and watching The Pelican Brief on the Lifetime Movie Network.

I should have gone with the ice cream. Then I'd be the total cliche.

I started the day with Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. Sex and the City 2 has nothing on the show or even the first movie. The whole (slight spoiler alert) part near the end with Samantha when Carrie goes back to see the shoe guy (and the women who ask them to follow them) was totally unnecessary IMHO. And I'm sorry - I wanted more city (not to mention sex) but the clothes (and shoes) were fabulous.

Worth the $6 early matinee price though I'd say.

So this is what I had for breakfast.

The other half of this bag is still sitting above my fridge.

And this for lunch. Yes. I ate it cold. Why do you ask?

I've had that chocolate in my fridge since the NYC Food & Wine Festival. It was good. Like a dark chocolate Twix.

And in honor of Ms. Bradshaw-Preston I also did this...

I love shoes. And now they are all tucked away safely. It only took me three months to tackle it. I did the closets and the drawers and my armoire today. Tomorrow will be laundry and scrubbing my kitchen floor till it shines, cleaning the hardwood and making the bathroom sparkle.

I'll tell you what. In my next life I'm going to have a full time housekeeper. It'd be a little odd right now to have live in help. They'd have to sleep on my couch. :)

Wow. Seriously. I'm just lucky there isn't a tearjerkery movie on tonight. I'm totally in that kind of wallowy mood and that's no fun for anyone.

So on that note I'll say nighty night. Sleep tight.


  1. It's in the air. I've been teary all week and I am not usually like that.

  2. Oh, I just saw SATC2 last night, and I'd agree with your opinion. Some pretty outfits (and some truly horrendous ones, like Charlotte's red, what, leggings? on the camel), but not much else. The women were made to sound stupid ("What's a souk?").

    Loving your closet!

  3. I really liked this post :) And, uhm...can you maybe post the rest of those shoes with the tall, spiky heels? They look fabulous.

  4. Angela - glad to hear I'm not alone. :) I swear -most people PMS. I'm a nutcase right in the middle.

    10lbs - they sounded very much like ugly Americans. Being an American :) I hate to think this movie just perpetuates the stereotype.

    Thanks jocie! See my latest. There's something just for you. :)