Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Isn't that a pretty ring? So sparkly and brand new. :)

Hello there. Sorry for the delay. I was slightly overserved last night. I did however manage to get my butt on the 8:32 train out to Long Island. I'm dog and Dad sitting for the next few days.

But first - I bring you images from last night.

BIG NEWS: Carrie and Chris are now engaged. YAY!!! This meant that we each had to drink a bottle of wine.


If last night is any indication this wedding is going to be DANGEROUS.

And PS: last night reminded me why I love Sex and the City. We're not quite as fashionable but my friends are just as fabulous.

We went to Vesta Vino in Astoria. They have wine on tap.

When we finally sat down I had a 10 min conversation with the guy at the next table about The Real Housewives and Andy Cohen. Awesome!! Then his date (or boyfriend we didn't get to know each other that well so I don't know how serious they are) got there and I ceased to exist. :)


Yummy bread.

Appetizers. Mussels in Saffron, Fresh Mozzarella with Olive Spread, Fried Polenta.

My plate.

I had the potato, pancetta, goat cheese pizza. It had apples and greens on it and was tres delish.

Desserts. A chocolately cake and a date cake which I really liked.

We totally killed the desserts.

There is a story about this picture. About how KZ and Cort and I went to a wine bar until about 2 AM and I ordered a glass of wine I didn't drink and how a creepy married dude (who kept his ring in his jacket pocket) bought us a round. This I guess was a picture of the bar.

And this is my breakfast and lunch today.

Whole wheat bagel, scallion cream cheese.

A lovely honey turkey and cheddar sandwich with honey mustard on a yummy onion roll my dad bought for me. He's such a good guy.

Those are Cape Cod Reduced Fat Chips. In a former life I'd have had McD's for breakfast AND lunch.


After work I am going to go get my nails done and go to Target. When in the suburbs...

See you for dinner later!

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