Sunday, June 13, 2010

Productive Sunday

Hi there! I'm sorry for posting so late but I was literally on my hands and knees scrubbing first the kitchen then the bathroom floor. My apartment now has that really clean smell, a combo of lavender fabric softener, Greenworks cleanser, Murphy's Oil Soap, Pledge and now a Yankee Candle.

I started the day with peanut butter and bacon (Really. You need to try this. It will change your life) on the last of my homemade bread. I did two loads of laundry before 9:30 AM.

Then I watched Dear John on Pay Per View and freaking cried. And at the end all I could think is that I still don't know why Nicholas Sparks is a bestselling author and friends of mine are not.

But I guess his stories serve a purpose. See also: A Walk to Remember featuring Mandy Moore and that kid who played Eli on Once and Again.

I L-O-V-E Once and Again. You know what? I could have watched that. I have it on DVD.

Then I went on a 6 mile walk.

Then I had a hot dog and french fries and a pickle.

Then I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.

Then to celebrate finishing cleaning I had a glass of (slightly spiked) Crystal Light - 'cause I'm classy like that.

Then I ate a mini meatball hero.

Then I took a picture of my shoes for Jocie. They sort of look like cork - but they are not.

There's a story here actually. I bought these shoes about 3 years ago. I was kind of unhappy at work (truth be told - I was unhappy EVERYWHERE) and was going on an interview. I could not fit into any of my suits so I bought this three piece brown jersey monstrosity from Chadwicks. To make myself feel better I bought these shoes to go with it.

The jersey suit went back, I didn't get the job (which is a blessing - it wouldn't have fixed anything) but the shoes stayed.

And now I have a super cute khaki dress from H&M that I plan to wear with them.

I have an 8 AM conference call so I'm off to bed soon. Have a lovely night and I'll see you tomorrow.


  1. I had peanut butter and bacon yesterday too! We must be sisters or something.

  2. We must be. Except we look nothing alike.