Monday, June 7, 2010

Back from the beach

Happy Monday! I am back after being MIA for the weekend on the shores of New Jersey. Even though I was a tad whiny and refused to spend too much time at the beach where the sun was too hot and the water too cold.

Also I am here to confess that my knowledge of New Jersey has been gleaned mainly from reality TV. Sad, but incredibly true.

Please note that I do not judge the entire state based on this knowledge. Thank you.

I have to say once you get the heck out of Newark and Elizabeth it's pretty pleasant. At least in my very limited experience. :)

I can't help it. I'm a Long Island girl at heart.

Dave and I went to a lovely B&B in Beach Haven on Long Beach Island. It was cute, comfortable and incredibly quaint.

You also have him to thank for reminding me to take pictures. :)

Dinner both Friday and Saturday was at the Engleside Inn.

We started with sushi - a delicious Lobster Roll. I loved it so much I wanted it for dinner Saturday too.

Yummy bread. The rolls were piping hot.

I had crabcakes and Old Bay fries. These were de-licious.

He had Seafood Fra Diavlo.


Breakfast was a little fruit, a half bagel with peanut butter, a bite of coffee cake and half this slice of sausage casserole.

Lunch was at the Beach Haven Fishery. For him was Tex Mex fried shrimp sauteed with salsa.

For me was mussels marinara and shrimp cocktail.

Dinner was back at Engleside. I had the lobster roll again and then wasabi scallops. I ate them so fast you almost didn't get a chance to see them.

The gentleman had prime rib with more Old Bay Fries and a salad.

Sunday - the drive home...

Breakfast. The hot entree was waffles but I'm not a huge fan so it was a whole bagel for me - 1/2 with butter, 1/2 with peanut butter, strawberries and a banana. For the second day I took, but did not eat the coffee cake.

Then on our way back north we went and climbed the Barnegat Lighthouse. The last time I attempted to climb to the top of a lighthouse was in Montauk. I was 60 lbs heavier. This was a much more pleasant experience.

Then we ran through the drive thru at Wendy's and I got a small Frosty. :)

A little while later we stopped at a Chevy's

There were a few chips and salsa consumed.

I ate half of this BBQ Chicken Quesadilla.

Dave had a burger.

And at around 7:20 ish I arrived home, none the worse for wear. I ate a few pretzels with hummus and that was my dinner. I crashed at 9:15. All in all it was a great way to officially start the summer.

I'll be back later with today's eats. We'll now be back to a more regular posting schedule I promise. I have Food Writing tonight. I just wrote something about dieting being like ending a long relationship. After the critique tonight maybe I'll post it here too. :)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well.

See you later!


  1. Hmmm, a Bed and Breakfast...a man...a weekend away....Are you going to have to change the name of this blog? :D

  2. WOW!!! What a yummy food!!!! pictures are awesome!!! now you are going to change the name of this blog?????

  3. Thanks Astra! I love how worried everyone is! The blog name is safe for the moment. Not saying it won't have need to change in the future but I think it's fine for now. :)