Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I just ate...

about 8 pretzels with cheddar cheese
2 small handfuls of cashews
2 bites of pasta salad
about 8 more pretzels with Laughing Cow

And I haven't even eaten dinner yet which was going to be goat cheese ravioli.

It still might happen.

I obviously got a huge case of the munchies tonight. I also bailed on the walking thing. I climbed the stairs to my apartment and my legs were aching. I did walk to class (3 miles) last night and to and from work (4 miles) today.

I need to get back to this working out thing though. This ain't right.

It seems appropriate that I take this moment to post my first draft of my Food Writing assignment. It needs a whole lot of tweaking but I'm pretty happy with it overall.

I'd love to know your thoughts.

My task was to write about an ingredient I love - which is shrimp - and how I prepare it now compared to how I did 60 lbs ago. Here is the result.


Dieting is like trying to end a really long relationship. You tend to remember the good times while ignoring all the reasons you shouldn't be together anymore.

Some choices you make through the process are easy ones. You can avoid going to fast food places so you aren't tempted by the seductive scent of french fried potatoes. You can change your routine and start buying more things at the Farmer's Market because the chances of you running into frozen pizza while browsing the stalls is close to zero. In time you can strategically plan your day to make certain foods a distant, if somewhat fond, memory.

If you are lucky though, you can work through the issues enough that you can end up being friends with your past loves. If you both change enough sometimes your relationship can evolve into something not exactly hostile, even incredibly cordial.

Luckily in the two years I have spent losing weight I have been able to maintain a very good relationship with several of my exes. So many of the foods I once loved I am still able to eat. This is not to say that there aren't some who pop up and tempt me when I least expect them. Sometimes I turn my back and declare myself done with them. Sometimes we'll have a quick chat and I'll move on. But I'm happy to report that the bulk of those who were so very bad for me have been banished for good.

But then, there's shrimp.

Shrimp is one of those foods from my past that never really went away. Shrimp was one of the good guys. It's always seemed benign, non-threatening, and dependable. It's safe to say that the flavor of shrimp can err on the bland side but it has real potential. It all depends on who it hangs around with. The possibility is there for shrimp to start running in the wrong crowd, dipping itself in batter and taking a dip in boiling oil. I tend to like shrimp best when it lives on the edge, tossed in a spicy tomato sauce or swimming in curry and coconut milk. It adds just the right dose of excitement.

I also have a soft spot for shrimp as the boy next door, doused in a garlicky marinade, grilled on the barbecue, served with a side of potato salad.

I like to think of shrimp like that guy you dated in high school. Back then, you were too young to know that breaded and fried popcorn shrimp wasn't all that good for you. Years later, when you run into him at your reunion all grown up and chilled on a bed of ice with lemon you realize how much you still have in common.

When you meet again all might seem rosy on the surface but there's still the chance that the things that made you incompatible will rear their ugly heads. One night he'll be all light and healthy and tossed in lemony vinaigrette with baby spinach, the next stirred into a creamy risotto. If you're not careful soon you'll find yourself at a seaside shack chowing down on greasy fried morsels.

It's a slippery slope, this being friends with your ex thing.

These days shrimp and I hang out at home more often than not. I remember fondly the days of my youth, when I threw caution to the wind and picked the most figure foiling preparation imaginable. These days I go light on the butter, easy on the oil, and introduce shrimp to a new set of friends consisting of leafy greens and vibrant vegetables.

I even think it's safe to say we're back together.


  1. Yes!!! Krissy it's fantastic - I really enjoyed reading it. I just finished a chicken sandwich for lunch and now I am craving shrimp!! Very cleverly written - Good Job!


  2. Thanks so much Patty! I'm so glad. I really appreciate it!

  3. Very well done, my friend. I really enjoyed it. :D

  4. Thanks Angela! I'm so glad you liked it!