Monday, December 21, 2009

Back and Forth

I'm heading back into the city tomorrow. I have to be in the office to send something out even though the taping I was going to cover got cancelled. Plus - I have a doctor's appointment anyway. Plus it'll be good to straighten up a bit more so that I'll have a nice, neat, organized start to the new year.

At least that's the plan.

Today I went to lunch at Buckram Stables with my sister.

I had the Country Salad which was served warm w/goat cheese, potatoes, bacon, tomato and mixed greens with a dijon vinaigarette. It was really yummy but I needed a little more protein to tide me over.

We did a little shopping and then when I got home we had a little Happy Hour.

Tomorrow I'll give you the run down on dinner. Jen made her famous Fried Rice which I know I've mentioned here before. I've got the recipe and step by steps to show you - I'm just too lazy right now!

This definitely made up for things in the protein department. It's got chicken, an egg, black beans and edamame.

Plus a cookie for dessert.

Is all your shopping done? I'm just waiting for UPS to drop off the last bits of my gifts and I'm all set! We're supposed to have an icy rainy Christmas. Good thing we're not going anywhere. Everyone's coming to us.

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