Friday, December 4, 2009

Pinching Pennies

I'm thinking about Christmas and shopping and all I need to have money to do in December. Last year at this time I got a sizable recruitment bonus for getting someone hired.

Not so much this year. :(

In December I need to renew my gym membership. That's $500 easy. Plus presents...and...going out and sigh.


I realized tonight I really don't need to do a big grocery shop at all this month - not until the end for sure. I have a lot of stuff in the freezer from TJ's. I'll be out on LI starting tomorrow night and then flying to Chicago for work on Wednesday. On Friday I'll be back on LI straight from the aiport. This means I will not be back in my apartment until the week of 12/15. By Christmas Eve I'll be back on LI again till just before New Years.

Basically anything I'd buy would just go bad.

I have some fish and shrimp and frozen burgers and such as well so I think I can make do for quite a while. I'll need things like salad stuff but otherwise I think I can swing it. I even have some frozen broccoli and asparagus. That'll likely help a lot in the saving money department.

Lunch today was what I actually brought for breakfast. PB on Double Fiber Whole Wheat.

I ate it right before the webcast (which btw was the biggest webcast we've done and highly successful - go us! Over 11K people logged on!) then two of the people who were working on it with us went to the cafeteria and came back with their own PB&J's - that cost them $4.50.

I can buy a whole jar of Jif for less than that!!!

Dinner was TJ's Gnocchi with some broccoli thrown in. I typically eat this whole bag when I make it - but the broccoli made it so I now have leftovers.

There was also some pretzels and hummus and a handful of cashews in there too. Plus I'm about to head to the fridge for something chocolately - either a piece of a chocolate bar or one of those Jell-O mousse things.

Have a lovely Friday evening. I'm going to try and turn in early. I'm heading to Zumba tomorrow - come hell or high water and I cannot be happier about it.

See you then. Sleep tight!!

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