Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's Just Lunch

I had grand plans today. I was going to upload all the pretty pictures Jen took last night as she cooked dinner and give you the recipe she wrote out for me.

The thing is - I left to go to my doctor's appointment and it's on my desk at work.

So all you get is my lunch - which I picked up at Tasty Cafe my favorite deli-cafe type place on the way home.

chipotle turkey fresh roasted turkey, pepper jack cheese and arugula with southwestern chipotle sauce on whole wheat flatbread

So that's all you get. Dinner isn't going to be too exciting either I'm afraid. I'm just home tonight and then back on LI tomorrow.

Off to the dermatologist. FUN!! I might do a quick TJ's run (to the wine store to stock up for NYE) so that I don't have to battle the crowds next week since it's nearby.

I'll see you later!

PS: Breakfast is unpictured - but it was a PB sandwich. I also had a snack of sourdough pretzels from the vending machine.

And now - I'm really going! :)

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