Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Figs and Bacon - 8th St Wine Cellar

Remember my recent obsession with goat cheese?

This dish kicks any goat cheese dish's ass.

I don't know if I can recreate this but I definitely want to try. If not - I think I want to marry the chef at the 8th Street Wine Cellar.

I also enjoyed the Pigs in a Blanket and a half of a slider.

Of course there was wine. 3 of us shared a bottle of Vermentino.

My number for the Yankee Swap 7 out of 10. My chances looked good.

And were! I left with these lovely winestoppers.

Today threatened to be not too much fun. Despite my gain and some work annoyances I had a real easy 3 mile workout today (intervals of incline walking and running for 35 min total). There's a rumor I'm getting a massage tomorrow. I hope so. I need one desperately!!

Time for bed.

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