Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Still Busy

Now that it's December I want to enjoy the holiday season but I'm so incredibly busy I feel like I'm not getting a chance to even breathe.

Thanksgiving was restful but it's been non-stop since then.

Monday I was in the studio all day - starting at around 8 and working till 7 PM then heading to chorus rehearsal right after till 10.


Sandwich thin with PB was breakfast - and this was lunch:

Salad with baked breaded chicken, swiss and a lemon vinaigrette

Dinner was a half a breaded chicken breast with swiss and mustard on a sandwich thin. I had to eat it stealhily during practice so there's no picture. :(

Yesterday breakfast was the same. Lunch...was the same except this time with spinach and fresh mozzarella.

I rushed home to change into my oh so sexy choral outfit (NOT!) and ate a little something - extra sharp cheddar with hummus on an EM.

After the concert we (Mom, Dad and Jen) went out to dinner to L'Express. My goat cheese obsession continues.

Yummy roasted tomato soup...

and warm goat cheese salad. Not my favorite thing ever. Next time the dressing needs to be on the side and there were OLIVES again!!! I wound up spreading the cheese on a piece of bread at the end. And about a third of my mom's burger.

There were profiteroles (shared - obviously)

And the world's best hot chocolate - served in a bowl.

Today is weigh in. I'm not optimistic. I'm expecting either another .5 gain or no change at all. We shall see. A lot of meals out and no Zumba doesn't make me a happy girl. I'm not discouraged - just disappointed. I'm so ready to lose these last 9 lbs!!

Breakfast was Cheerios in skim milk this morning.

I'm going to go to the gym and see if I can repair some damage.

Wish me luck.

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