Thursday, December 10, 2009

Staying in

Knock on wood - this whole thing has worked out beautifully thus far. 1 meeting and 1 dinner down - all went well. Second dinner underway and a small meeting tomorrow and then I'm home.

Tonight we had a dinner at Costa's. I wound up leaving once the festivities got underway for which I am INCREDIBLY thankful.

Really truly.

I had a glass of red and a few passed hors d'oeuvres.

Some sausage

Spanikopita - I didn't really like the spinach one so I only had a bite. The one with cheese was delish.

It was a nice night - but I am not knowledgeable enough about business to make a ton of conversation.

Ask me to talk about food however and I'm your girl.

I grabbed a cab and headed back to my hotel. I got to my room and had some salad.

But not really. I had about 2 bites. Was not feeling the salad tonight.

I did however have 1/2 of this shrimp marinara. And a huge hunk of garlic bread.

Also - throughout the day I snagged a few snacks for tomorrow.

Like a banana for after the gym in the morning.

Some famous Garrett's popcorn - cheesy version.

And a little chocolately treat which served as dessert tonight.

Heading home tomorrow.

I really CANNOT wait.

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