Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Krissy in the City

I'm back in NYC today. The good news is my dad is being released from the hospital tomorrow. The rest of it is not great news - by a long shot - but I'm staying postive. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

We're definitely going to need them.

And since this is really a healthy living + food blog - I hope you understand that's about all I'm going to say about that here. For now at least. We'll see.

One thing I've decided not to do is let this derail what I have accomplished weight-wise this year. It would be really easy to do that but I refuse. That said - I didn't eat much last night or this morning (just tea for breakfast). Trust me this is not the way I wanted to reach goal but the scale was way down tonight when I got home. No exercise today but I'm planning on catching the special 12 noon Zumba class tomorrow.

Today after visiting my dad I came home and made a salad for lunch. I chopped up 1 chicken tender, added some orange bell pepper, a little red onion and some goat cheese with a baslamic vinaigrette. I also had a small spoonful of rice to help get the last of the veggies from the bowl (unpictured).

Once back in my little shoebox of an apartment I had toasted whole wheat with American cheese for dinner (I was too lazy to get out a pan to grill it and also too lazy to take a picture!) but I got my act together enough to catch dessert.

One of the best distractions since Christmas were my most adorable nieces Maddie and Ellie. Looking after them is hard work since we spoil them rotten they are master manipulators but I would never, ever pass up an opportunity to see their beautiful faces. And so - I also wanted to introduce you to Kitty - Madeleine's new 'pet'. It's like a robotic cat and it's kind of freaky how real it actually seems. Everyplace we went with her the past two days people have been freaked out over it. Jen took her today to Petco to get a real cat collar for her. No one in Petco looked twice at it though. :)

I am convinced that she couldn't love that cat more if it were real.

And because I am focusing on the bright side - two things that went right today:

1)Because I wanted to bring my luggage and gifts back I borrowed Jen's car. After battling traffic I got to my block and there were no parking spaces to be had. I needed to be on the right side of the street in order to not have to deal with Alternate Side Parking tomorrow and was having zero luck. Just as I was about to park in a garage I got lucky and I think I can keep the car in the spot I got till I go home on Saturday.

2) There's an Office marathon on NBC tonight.

That's about all from me. I didn't sleep well last night and the 2 Simply Sleep's I took seem to be kicking in. I want to run to TJ's tomorrow morning before Zumba so I'm going to call it a night.

Thanks again for the good thoughts. They are very, very much appreciated.


  1. Hang in there! Deep breaths. Positive thoughts. Hopes and prayers.

    Keep calm and carry on.

  2. That is excellent advice. Thanks so much jocie!