Saturday, December 12, 2009

Up on the housetop....

Today I spent the afternoon in my dad's old firehouse. He was 'on the job' for 29 years and retired in 1999 - just 2 years shy of 9/11 (thank goodness).

It was their Christmas Party - complete with a visit from Santa. Judging from her reaction today - Madeleine could not be more excited for Christmas.

The best part of going to this party when I was growing up was that Santa handed out a gift to each of the kids. Plus you got to climb all over the fire engines.

Santa arrives on the roof and then comes down on a tower ladder.

It was a fun time - filled with sugar and face painting.

But that was today. There's more to tell you that happened first.

I got on the earlier flight yesterday. The American Airlines gate agent did not like me and gave me a hard time re: my carry on as I was boarding but I got on - with my luggage - nonetheless.

I took a car to my mom's office. My sweet sister ordered me a sandwich which I ate in about 2.2 seconds.

That's turkey and cheddar on whole wheat w/honey dijon.

I had 2 mini ones of these for dessert.

And then we (Mom, Jen and I) went to Elizabeth Arden for massages.

Man I really needed that. I still get a clicky sound when I move my left shoulder. I need someone to work on my shoulders alone for like an hour I think.

Then we went to Waterzooi for dinner.

We had moules.

I had the Montrachet - which had goat cheese and red pepper and white wine. Jen had the Blue Moon - which was white beer, bacon and onions.

My mom had a burger.

We all had frites.

And warm French bread.

And shared the Tahitian Vanilla and Beligan Chocolate Gelato for dessert.

With mint tea.


This morning I had a half a bagel and some cheese eggs for breakfast.

I didn't really have lunch. I ate some Red Hot Blue chips and salsa, a handful or two of peanuts and then a 'dirty water' dog at the firehouse.

It's hard to take pictures of your food when an almost five year old wants you to help her find her bag of candy.

We stopped at Target on the way home. I got some Christmas shopping done (presents for Mads and Ells in particular).

Dinner was take out from Marra's. I had the Chicken Milanese.

A breaded cutlet topped with tomato, onion, basil and mozzarella salad

The following is the very reason I am not allowed to keep ice cream at my apartment.

That's the latest and greatest. Tomorrow my parents are hosting a party for my mom's office. Good food, good times to be had.

I better get some sleep. I'm gonna be on KP duty early I figure.

Have a lovely evening one and all. Sleep well.

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