Friday, December 18, 2009

On the fence

Good morning!

First let me say I'm not being judgey here. When I first started to take Zumba I was just under 200 lbs. I am in no position to throw stones at ANYONE. Before last year I ate way too much and moved way too little.

Any sort of healthy diet and exercise program you want to take on to lose weight is a fantastic thing in my book.

That said - I was up early and flipping around the channels. It appears there's a Dance Your Ass Off marathon on Oxygen today. The episode on right now has people....

....pole dancing.

I just don't know. I think it's not a bad concept but it just seems really weird to me to combine Dancing With The Stars with The Biggest Loser. The costumes and the routines seem really, really hokey and unflattering. After they get their scores they have to face the scale. I guess it's not much different than people with their bellies hanging out on TBL but...I just...

TBL contestants do not get typical results obviously but I think of that more like an intervention and rehab. It's a real last resort for most of those contestants. The transformations are phenomenal and inspirational to me. I think it's really hard to maintain that loss afterwards but I think if people can find a new healthy lifestyle in the process the ends justify the means so to speak.

Anyway this is all to say I'm really not sure how I feel about that other show. I guess - in the end - if the contestants are OK with it I should be too.

But I am sure how I feel about peanut butter sandwiches.

Weigh in has been moved to next Wednesday. I'm going to really concentrate on eating well and getting some activity in. Plan today is to go to the gym after work and Zumba tomorrow before I head out to LI (AGAIN!) for Bakefest 2009.

I'm making a variety cookies and chocolates this year. I give some as gifts and others will be served as dessert on Christmas day. I'll be sure document the process as I bake. Please note: they will not be lowfat.

Be back at lunch.


  1. My Feelings exactly!

  2. Wow!! And you would definitely know!!! I hope the rest of the dances were a little more shall we say - traditional!!