Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Up in the air

Literally. I am using wifi and blogging from up in the air right now. As my mom would say "It's a great country, America."

I didn't think I'd make it. Manhattan is a monsoon and we're supposed to use taxis for getting to the airport. Silly me thought that it was early enough for this to not be a problem.


You know like in a movie - when you see someone standing on a corner in the pouring rain, wind whipping around them, their umbrella bent over backwards trying to hail a cab?

Yeah. That was me this morning.

My feet are still frozen and somehow I thought pink suede shoes would be the best choice in footwear.


But I decided to go over to the hospital nearby my apartment and snagged a cab when someone got dropped off there. 30 or so dollars and minutes later I was at LGA. My flight left kind of on time - I was able to carry on my luggage and there's WiFi.

All in all - not a bad day.

Even if I look like a drowned rat.

I brought breakfast from home. PB and bacon (yes. BACON. It's good - shut up!) on a sandwich thin.

Knock wood, cross fingers that all goes well between today and Friday. I'm exhausted and I am not in my best fighting condition to combat any snafus that might occur.

Hope you're having a good Wednesday. Stay warm - and dry.

Catch you later.

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