Friday, December 18, 2009

Deck the Halls

Not sure if you noticed ;) but I fixed things up around here this morning. I kept thinking the mint green wasn't the most appetizing background.

Trouble is I am woefully bad at all things Photoshop so I just made a photo collage and used that as a header. It seems to be working ok though I think. I wish the name of the blog showed up clearer but oh well.

It'll do.

It took me forever to eat lunch today. I had a pretzel/hummus snack at about 11:30 and then finally ate at almost 3.

I started with some souped up soup. This is Campbells made with skim milk, crushed red and ground black pepper.

A grilled American cheese sandwich on whole wheat made by spraying the pan w/canola.

Soup and a Sandwich. Yum.

'Give it on up to Homelessville...'

Anyone else watch SNL last night? Just me?

Going to the gym + renewing my membership after the workday's done.

Back at dinnertime!

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