Thursday, December 17, 2009


Well. Winter is officially here. It's getting really cold. Not the cold I had when I was in Chicago last week but close enough.

Zumba was great. Class was pretty empty. I got picked on a little...your typical. I I'm just not street enough apparently. Still I'm looking forward to going again on Saturday. I'll say it again. There's not a better workout.

I stopped at the store for just about $20 worth of groceries - my limit until NYE. I bought a loaf of bread, quart of milk, hummus, pretzels, peanut butter and some cheese to make grilled cheese sandwiches. Grilled cheese and tomato will likely be my lunch tomorrow.

I came home and thawed out by eating a little snack made possible by my grocery store run.

Oh Cedar's hummus or as they say 'hommus'. How I adore you.

Then I took the hottest shower I could and heated up dinner. The last of the party leftovers. The green beans looked really sad so I tossed them.

Self explanatory but it's a half a chicken tender, ham, baked beans and mac and cheese.

I was still SO cold. And I know it's hard to imagine but I can't control the heat in my apartment. There are no thermostats. I have baseboard heat and it works well but my bed is right next to the window so it's hard to stay warm.

I found some peppermint hot cocoa which hit the spot.

I also tried one of my Christmas brownies.

This was the peanut butter flavor. It was pretty good - but I gotta say my dad's are definitely better.

My eyes are tired. I can feel them getting heavy and it's just about 9:30 here. Sometimes you just gotta give in I guess.

Or maybe it's that I'm watching the SNL Christmas Special. Man that show is so hit or miss but I gotta say Justin Timberlake is really funny.

Working from home tomorrow - YAY!! I'm leaning very heavily towards not weighing in. I'll know what I am by my scale here (holding steady...still...brownies, red wine and lobster bisque and all) and I think maintaining till January is a good goal. No need to document my holding steady.

See you in the morning. Nighty-night!!

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