Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am not drinking again till Easter.

Good thing that's right around the corner huh? :)

But seriously - brunch and my date last night have done me in. I've reached my quota for the week and then some.

And I'm sure it's the wine but those 3 lbs I gained last week were gone this AM. YAY!

Anyway...things to tell you:

  1. My apartment? Still looks like that picture from yesterday
  2. The weather? Absymal. I wore wellies to work and my feet are still wet.
  3. The date? Pretty good actually. Funny though - we went to the same place (not surprising I picked it) but also sat in the same spot and had the same waiter as my last date. Better result this time though I'd say. We'll see...
  4. Chorus? I might not make it there tonight. I do have a second rehearsal on Thurs that I will go to come hell or high water. Actually - it's the high water that's keeping me from going tonight. I'm a delicate flower who wilts so in the bad weather.
  5. Wallet? I bought a new one. I no longer feel like an irresponsible child for losing it. I'll feel better when I start to fill it up with all the replacement cards etc. but it's an important step.
  6. Breakfast? Something to sop up the red wine:

I have 2 choices for lunch. I brought frozen veggie chili and a sandwich that I was going to bring to rehearsal.

If I do blow off rehearsal I will finish my apartment this evening. So it is written. So it shall be done.

Catch you later. Stay dry!

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