Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Memory Lane

One of the side effects of the water in my parents basement is that I had to go through boxes of things I had stored there. I found the autobiography I wrote when I was 8, the first Seventeen magazine I ever got (in 1982 - way before I myself was 17) and lots of notes I passed during Programming Board meetings in college.


OR not. Half the jokes in those notes don't seem at all funny. Apparently I once referred to myself as a maid named Juanita?

I have no idea.

The part where I recounted wearing Gingerbread Man earrings while underage and trying to get past the bouncer at Happy Hour? That was pretty funny.

Anyway the point is I save so much shit. Honestly. The next job is to clean out my apartment. It's stopped raining, the weather is warmer. I've got the spring cleaning bug.

I also kind of really need to find my passport ASAP. I'm sure I have it tucked away somewhere but I hate not knowing exactly WHERE that might be.

So to get you up to date on my 'almost, not quite but kinda fat-free' eating here we go. I am however, glad to report that I've not had an attack since I started to pay more attention to fat. Come to think of it - the way I started eating two years ago probably went a long way to keeping the symptoms at bay.

I still want this sucker out yesterday though.

I digress.

Leftover Chinese for lunch.

Rice, roasted asparagus and baked breaded lemon pepper chicken for dinner.

I realized this past weekend just how much Diet Coke I drink. It's not normal. So yesterday I drank mostly lemon water and I decided to start the day with skim chocolate milk.

And a lightly buttered multi-grain EM.

Chorus tonight. I am going to walk there but have to get there early. We're getting measured for our Carnegie Hall performance outfits before rehearsal. The last time we ordered this stuff I weighed almost 220. They got me a size that was beyond big - even for me at the time. One of the best days was last year when I couldn't wear the skirt. It wasn't even worth altering - you could have made 2 outfits from all the excess. I wound up going to the City Opera Thrift Shop and getting a new black skirt for $15. Score!

This is the one I think we're ordering - only in a burgandy color.

It's never something I specifically would pick on my own - but it'll look 10x better that what we've worn in previous years.

That's the news for now. I'll catch you later.

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