Saturday, March 6, 2010


So yesterday I ate this for lunch.

I went to the gym and incline walked 2 miles.

Then I went on a date here.

No pictures but the wine was good. The cheese was good. The conversation had it's moments. But...sigh. I'm not sure. I'm not sure at all.

Sadly I think we might be back to the drawing board folks.

Sigh again.

I'm gonna head to Zumba in a few. First I ate breakfast.

It was 1 slice o'bacon, 1 egg fried in canola spray and a bit of cheddar on a multi-grain EM.

Other plans for the day - getting my hair deep conditioned at a salon at 2 then dinner for Patti's birthday tonight at Otto - which I love so I'm excited.

And there I am amongst old friends so there will be pictures.

See you in a bit. Enjoy your Saturday!!


  1. The hardest part is just getting out there and you did that!! :D

  2. This is true. This is true. I'm not giving up quite yet but UGH!

  3. The bacon and egg muffin looks great:) I bought some whole grain english muffins yesterday cause I plan on making some egg sandwiches for breakfast this week...experimenting with the higher protein in the morning.

    Sorry to hear about your lacklustre date. Hopefully the next one will be better:)


  4. Hi Dione!! Egg sandwiches are the quickest way (for me) to get all sorts of stuff in.

    And from your lips to God's ears re: the date. I'm not giving up just yet but man. It was definitely a bust.