Monday, March 15, 2010

Soggy Sunday

Man it better stop raining soon. Not only am I now well acquainted with how to use a wet vac - it's just so gloomy and gray. :(

A spot of sunshine however was having lunch with the kiddles yesterday at Coalhouse Pizza in Stamford.

I had a yummy Diet Root Beer. It tasted like it had real sugar - not at all artificial.

We got a bunch of pizzas to share.


Shrimp w/garlic & oregano

Proscuitto w/Pesto

Marinara w/arugula, cherry tomatoes, baslamic and mozzarella

My plate. The pizza is super thin crust.

Dessert Pizza w/Nutella and Marshmallows (I had a half a slice)

My dinner was steamed shrimp and broccoli w/steamed veggie dumplings (which I didn't really like only ate 2 out of 4). I ordered garlic sauce on the side.

(I also had this again for lunch today)

Breakfast this morning was an EM w/hummus.

The closet where I've kept all my keepsakes from my last move flooded. Guess what I'll be doing later this afternoon??

Also - one other thing I haven't been doing?? EXERCISING. Must remedy that today as well.

Stay dry everyone. See you in a bit.

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