Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Yeah that's right.

This'll be quick.

Lunch. Spinach + 1 chicken tender + onion + orange bell pepper + shaved pepperjack + Ken's Light Vidalia Onion.

After work, Patti and I went to Madison & Vine.

We split this $90 bottle of wine that we got half price b/c the bartender is awesome.

I am hardly a wine snob (hello CAVIT!) but this was go-od.

We ate this. I ate more fruit than cheese.

I came home and had a little bit of leftover pasta.

I'm watching American Idol and am going to bed. I think the Jonas Brothers are all Creepy Creepersons. And this Demi chick can't sing.

Then again I think people might have said the same about Duran Duran in the mid-80s.

Alright. Time for bed. See you in the AM.


  1. OMG - Get outta my head!! Lol. I was thinking the same thing during AI. I was thinking, there is now way that our teen idols were that yucky.

    I was going to marry Simon LeBon. He was going to wait for me, even though I was 13 and he was 25.

  2. Well of course you were. :) I myself was sure that John Taylor was my one and only. lol!