Monday, March 8, 2010

No Mas

I did not have chicken enchiladas for lunch.

I went to the doctor and apparently a side effect of losing 60 lbs is losing your gallbladder. He will be very, very surprised if it turns out to be anything else.

So...tomorrow I get a sonogram and Wednesday I schedule surgery.

Good times.

The doctor also said I need to eat almost no fat until I get this sucker taken out. This means enchiladas are not in my future.

I made this instead.

Steamed chicken goyzas with edamame and sweet chili sauce.

Dinner is going to be some chicken and quinoa with some fresh veggies and italian seasoning.

This is not the way I wanted to meet my goal weight - but I think it just might be!!

I also bought fruit. I don't eat a lot of fruit if you notice (hi Annie!) but it's because I like berries and such but not so much that I'll eat them quickly. But look for grapes and Granny Smiths in the next few days. I do tend to eat more fruit when it's warm out - I will say that.

Oh and PS - Amanda and Jenn - I'll be shipping your chocolate tomorrow!! Sorry it took me so long!


  1. So your gallbladder can take abuse but not getting healthy? Oy!! There's something wrong with that there picture!

  2. I know right??? Basically the dr said I'm a textbook case. Someone my age, female and who has either gained or lost a significant amount of weight can start to have symptoms.

    I've never had any sort of operation though ever. I never even had to get my wisdom teeth out or anything!! I've been so lucky but I guess now is the time. It seems an easy and quick procedure/recovery though so there's that.