Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ladies Night

I had a very lovely evening with some very lovely ladies.

Really. I have some seriously awesome friends. It was a great night.

First of all I felt great because this past week I've cut and colored my hair. I'm woefully bad at self portraits but trust me. I feel 1000x better since I whacked off the scraggly ends.

Here's a pic but you've been warned. I took it when I got home last night so my motor skills were not quite 100%.

I met Maddy at the Wheeltapper Pub. It was good because I felt like I finally celebrated St. Patty's.

It was bad because my fellow countrymen and women drank them clean out of Pinot Grigio since Wednesday.

Seriously. They ran out of white wine completely by 8 PM!!!

Then it was on to Tenzan for sushi.

Look at the pretty napkins!

They were not out of Pinot Grigio.

Cort ordered seaweed salad.

I ordered shumai and a rock shrimp & avocado roll + a shrimp tempura roll.

I also had a taste of Maddy's calamari roll.

It was such a beautiful night I walked all the way home.

This morning I used the leftover mashed potatoes from the other night to make 'pancakes' with some eggs, goat cheese, onion and spinach frittata.

Jen is coming in today. We were going to run in Central Park but I think we might do the trail along the East River instead. I cannot wait to run outside!!

I gotta straighten up a bit and throw out some of the clutter that's surrounding me today.

Then it's out to LI for me. I'll see you later! Have an amazing Saturday!

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