Monday, March 22, 2010

Hello Spring!

This weekend was absolutely beautiful. In the 70s and sunny it was fantastic.

Also fantastic? That I've finally realized I live right near the East River and there's (SHOCKER) a path that runs along it perfect for running. Duh.

Jen and I ran/walked all the way from 23rd St to the Seaport - then walked to Wall St - up Broadway back to my apartment (approx. 8 miles total) stopping for lunch along the way.

And also to wave hi to Brooke Sheilds who was out shopping in SoHo. She's shorter than I thought she'd be.

Anyway - the problem is that since we were running all I had was some cash and my keys so no pics of lunch.

But we went to Candela Candela and sat outside and had some yummy sandwiches (saving half of each).

Then we headed out to Long Island for day one of my dad's birthday celebration.

Mom and I had a little snack of multigrain Tostitos (and I had salsa).

I made a quick dinner of fettucini and shrimp with garlic and oil.

With sauteed asparagus.

I had plenty left over.

Sunday morning I went on a 3 mile run outside (again yay!). Before I left I had an EM with ham, cheese and hummus.

We went for brunch at The Brass Rail. Service was really slow - but I am still dreaming of the goat cheese ravioli I had the last time I went to dinner there. When my insides are no longer revolting against me I can't wait to have them again.

Mads and I did some artwork waiting for our food.

I had Eggs Benedict (just so-so - I asked for no Hollandaise and they forgot the first time) and a Screwdriver (delish and made up for the wait!).

Maddie really enjoyed the home fries. She would eat them "Every day for the rest of her life" if she could.

For dinner we had turkey burgers, sweet potato fries and salad.

Poppy's birthday cake and berries.

Breakfast on Monday - 1 egg with 1/2 slice of American, 1/2 slice of ham and an EM.

Work today with the barkiest dog in the world sitting near me. She knows exactly the wrong time to start!!

Hope you had an equally beautiful weekend. I'll catch you later.

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