Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not as planned

So last night I made a small pork tenderloin (why? Because I wanted pork chops and the tenderloin was lower in fat and less expensive). I marinated it in a combo of olive oil, honey dijon, teriyaki glaze, onion, garlic S&P and a smidgeon of honey BBQ sauce.

I made mashed potatoes too.

Then I tried to quickly make some frozen asparagus.

And poured myself a glass of wine.

The pork and potatoes were good. The asparagus was undercooked and the wine was too sweet.

I have a few pics but they are on my other camera and honestly it was all a bit of a mess when all was said and done.

So...I bring you my breakfast.

English muffin w/Garlic and Herb Laughing Cow.

I'm in the office today. I needed to run errands by here and was going a bit stir crazy plus I plan to go to Zumba tonight too and this way I'm halfway there.

Lunch is leftovers - modified a bit (basically I threw out the avocado and added more Laughing Cow to the other half of yesterday's sandwich).

See you later.


  1. I ate Pork Tenderloin last night too. I marinated mine in this spicy plum chutney that I bought at Murray's Cheese. In fact, I am going to get some more this weekend. Yum and Yum!

  2. Look at you chef of the future!! That sounds delish. Bring it wine club sometime!