Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hitting the high notes

My walk to chorus was lovely. The weather was great and I've missed the part of the trip that takes me to SoHo. I always want to stop and shop and have a glass of wine.

I brought a sandwich with me - swiss and hummus on an EM w/roasted tomatoes.

And some grapes!! Yay for fruit!!

I did not have any of my chocolate chip pound cake. :(

My walk meant I missed a bit of our warm up and thus was not able to hit some of the notes in the first movement of the Chichester Psalms where the first altos and sopranos team up. But I totally can and I totally will. I just need to get myself ready first. ;)

I am heading to the office today for a lunch - mostly just to get out of this place for a little bit!! I'll come back home after and finish the day here. I'm probably overreacting - but I'm constantly worried that my insides are going to stage a mutiny. I want to be home if they do. Since I spend most of my day at work I think the odds are in my favor for an attack to happen during the workday. We'll see.

Breakfast was a hardboiled egg and an EM w/Garlic and Herb Laughing Cow.

I'm bringing my lunch with me - leftover chicken and veggies w/some brown rice.

Aaaand that's that for now. I'll see you at lunchtime.

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