Wednesday, March 3, 2010


What a pretty little restaurant. I didn't even realize it was there!!

Another truth - I stayed for dinner and skipped chorus. I'm horrible. I WILL go next week. I absolutely will. It's not fair to the rest of the members for me to keep skipping.

It was worth it though.

Rioja x 2

Appetizers - shrimp cocktail, manchego cheese, clams casino and fried calamari

I love the little curly q's they are my favorite!

Paella a la Marinera - delish.

I also had a scoop of chocolate ice cream with fresh strawberries - unpictured.

I'll be back in a bit with tales of today - including getting my ass to the gym.


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  1. I don't know if you see comments on old posts, but here goes...

    Mr. Kev is in a chorus and they have a rule that if you miss more than 3 rehearsals, you can't sing in the next concert. The theory is you won't be well enough prepared for it. It keeps people from skipping for minor reasons.

    Anyway, catching up. :)