Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Singing for my supper

I am going to chorus rehearsal tonight. There is no question.

I'm going to make some chocolate chip pound cake to bring as a peace offering.

This morning I had my sonogram and was all gooey and ooey for a bit but am back now - doing some laundry and getting some work done.

I wasn't allowed to eat before my test so I came home ravenous.

I made a baked egg and put it over spinach. (crack an egg - put it in a ramekin, sprinkle s&p - bake at 375 for like 15 min)

I know butter is not part of a low fat diet but I can't eat a dry English muffin. I just can't!!

And here's my snack - pretzels and hummus!!

So the diagnosis is in. I've got A LOT of gallstones apparently. He just kept saying that...A LOT.

But I can't even see the surgeon till 3/26. :(

Until then it's low fat, rest and working from home in case they get a cancellation or I get a really bad attack. As long as I have the work from home option I'm gonna take it!

I haven't worked out since Sat so I'm going to walk to chorus tonight - mostly because it is just so beautiful out. Spring might just be almost here!

I love spring. Spring and fall are my two favoritest seasons of all.

Okey doke - enough chatter. Time to get some work done.

Catch you all later!!

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