Thursday, October 15, 2009

If you could call it dinner...

I took the subway to Zumba. I have spent so much time walking in the past year I forget how handy the subway can be. It was a great class - not too crowded and it was a great workout as per usual.

I took the subway home - made a very quick trip to the supermarket to have something to eat for breakfast tomorrow. (I'm planning a TJs run when the store opens tomorrow morning - I have NOTHING here to eat).

Lunch left me really, really full. M has been saying that I need to go to bed a little hungry in order to kick start my weight loss again. I got home early enough but I wanted something pretty bland.

And bland it was.

Egg noodles tossed in unsalted butter w/fresh pepper.

I had a couple of chocolate covered pretzels for dessert too.

The weather is supposed to stay disgustingly rainy and cold all weekend. If the rain would just stop I could deal with the chillier weather.

But obviously Mother Nature did not consult me.

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