Monday, October 5, 2009

Saturday and Sunday

I had quite the weekend. I had my grammar school reunion on Saturday night which was equal parts fun and surreal. It was great to catch up with everyone.

I might also have had a good deal of wine. I made a fatal error and drank more than I ate over time on Saturday. Never bodes well for the next day.

To start off I went to yoga for my last of the introductory classes. I need to buy more - because I like the way I feel when I'm done. Then to counterbalance the damage I knew I'd do over the weekend I went to the gym and ran for 20 minutes. I went home and got myself together and walked to Penn Station in the pouring rain.

On the train ride out there I enjoyed an Auntie Anne pretzel and I am loving whoever is doing their packaging:

I didn't get very many pictures of the food - but here's the cheese platter.

I'd add more pics of the reunion itself - but I don't know who does or does not want to be on my blog so I'm erring on the side of caution.

Sunday my friends Kristen and Cortney and I took a trip out to the North Fork to go wine tasting. I did much more driving than tasting but it was still so much fun. There were lots of Rose wines this time around. Not ever my favorite but some were on the drier side.

Then we stopped for ice cream and I had some chocolate peanut butter deliciousness.

After basically not eating all day I was on a bit of a sugar high so I came back to my parents and ate this:

Rigatoni and real meat sauce (meaning - not turkey)

And there you go. My weekend in (not such) a nutshell. Hope yours was equally pleasant.

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  1. I'm catching up. I love all the pictures in this entry. :)

    You're doing so great!