Sunday, October 11, 2009

NYC Food and Wine Festival: Jamie and Bobby Deen Cooking Demo + Paula!

(and other stuff)

Yesterday my mom and I went to a cooking demo with Jamie and Bobby Deen as part of the NYC Food and Wine Festival. Did you know that all the profits from this weekend go to The Food Bank of NYC and Share Our Strength?

I actually didn't but I think that's incredibly cool.

So anyway - by the time we got around to grabbing tickets some events were completely sold out. We picked Jamie and Bobby partially because we like them - but mostly because a lot of the other personalities we liked were gone already. Anyway the boys are cute and charming in a Southern sort of way.

But first - I had a cheese and onion sandwich for breakfast. I know...oddball choice but I've been craving a grilled cheese sandwich.

This was some caramelized onions and a slice and a half of pepperjack.

Then it was off to the demo at Comix on 14th Street.


And then someone else showed up....

It was hysterical. She talked through the entire show. So much that Jamie kept cooking in the background saying things like "I'm making meatloaf. Add parsley..." while Paula kept jabbering on.

Paula bragged about her grandkid...

and Bobby's new girlfried - Katy Mixon.

They also shared the many ways Jamie was a derelict teenager. And how Paula once socked him in the eye.

Here's the swag from the demo - minus a delicious apple that I ate so it's unpictured.

By then we were very hungry so we went to Totonnos and shared a small pie.

And had some wine.

We met my sister and cousin and then went to separate movies.

DO NOT - I repeat - DO NOT - waste a dime on that stupid Jennifer Aniston/Aaron Eckhart monstrosity. JUST. DON'T.

I ate some of those preztel bites (w/mustard - not cheese) and some Junior Mints.

Then we went to the Benjamin for dinner.

I had some more wine...

and shared coconut shrimp with my mom.

And we also split a burger. I left almost all the fries.

Today we woke up and had a little usual.

Then we walked towards Chelsea Market. We originally had tickets to a kid's cookie decorating and had planned to take my nieces but...we didn't. So we went over to see if it was something we could do without them and...we couldn't. We gave the tickets to a woman and her two daughters. I hope they had fun!

We stopped for some brunch on the way at a place called Lillie's.

It was such a pretty (and inexpensive) place. I can't wait to go back. Brunch - including 2 mimosas was $25.

I had a simple grilled ham and swiss. I have half the sandwich left over so be prepared to see it again.

I actually wasn't feeling well earlier so no gym today - but we did walk 5 miles so there's that.

I'll be back for dinner - not sure what I'm making just yet - if I'm actually making anything or just eating leftovers. Ina Garten made sole meuniere today and I might give that a go tomorrow night with some cheesy rice and broccoli. I have 4 dover sole filets in the freezer.

Happy Sunday to you.


  1. I went to the Deen Bros show too. It was quite hysterical. It was a nice to have Paula show up but I wasn't really surprised by it. We also saw Tyler Florence, Guy Fieri and Sandra Lee!

  2. Yeah - I know. I've never seen them cook without her so I thought it was kind of inevitable! I am definitely going to make sure I get tickets earlier next year. I missed so many things I would have liked to go to.