Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cashmere and Cupcakes

With the exception of the webcast from hell today wasn't so bad. I took a walk uptown (ended a little over 5 miles today) and met my mom, sister, aunt and cousins for dinner at JG Melon's.

I don't care how much weight I lose. I will never ever ever ever never not eat hamburgers. I am simply incapable.

My sister and I talked about sharing one.

Then we got a hold of ourselves.

I started with bacon with a side of spinach. I'm craving green stuff these days.

I ate most of the spinach and left almost all of the bacon. Except that clump on the top. It was beggging me to eat it.

With some famous Cottage Fries (we split 3 orders between 7 of us)

And a de-licious burger with mozzarella cheese - my favorite combination ever. As a matter of fact - I pretty much won't get a cheeseburger unless I can get mozzarella.

Plus 2 glasses of Pinot Grigio. Yeah I know I should technically have red with a burger. I just really like the Grige (hi Jen!!)

Then we headed to Nancy's for some shopping!! This greeted us as we got off the elevator.

Cute napkins!!

And some sweet stuff.

These cupcakes were absolutely delicious. I had one of the chocolate ones.

My mom got some nice stuff but I didn't buy anything. I tried on a comfy sweater dress that had a set of ruffles running down the front.

Let's just say I don't need ruffles to accentuate anything.

And finally - I leave you with a picture of my sister.

She got a manicure today and was sipping Pellegrino.

She just wanted me to tell you - 'cause she's classy like that.