Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dinner, Interrupted

We had sort of a weird day here - lots of good time with the munchkins, some baking and a delicious dinner - but my parents had to head upstate to see my grandmother who is almost 98 and isn't doing too well. :( It wound up being just us (meaning me, my brother, sister, sister in law and the kids) for dinner.

I went for a run and my legs were tired. I stopped to walk twice (I'd say about 5 min total)throughout the almost 3 miles before I sucked it up and sprinted for the finish which is uphill - not an easy feat. But I kept telling myself I could walk home from the traffic light - which I did.

Isn't running weird? Sometimes you can do it so easily - other times it takes immense effort. Today was definitely an immense effort day.

I had a leftover little roll with a slice of cheese as a post run snack.

Then I baked a pan of brownies and some cookies with the help of two little bakers. I need to bring them with me to rehearsal tomorrow. I cut the brownies unbelieveably small to accommodate a lot of people. At least I made something!

I also made some really delicious peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Credit where credit is due - Jen made these first and they are fabulous. Must keep the recicpe. They have very little butter and corn syrup. I've not made cookies like that before and it definitley made them more chewy - less crispy - just the way I like them.

Jen and Mads did some coloring.

I had a ham and muenster cheese sandwich for lunch.

and some yummy chips for a snack while I fixed dinner.

These were really great. I need to find them at home.

While I was getting ready to cook dinner I heard a little voice over the monitor and got Ellie from her nap. The cutest thing ever to wear monkey pajamas I have to say. Nothing like going to get a happy little person out of the confines of their crib.

Maybe someday it'll be one of my own. Fingers crossed!

A little bit later I boiled the potatoes and baked the meatloaf. My dad's meatloaf is a mix of pork and chopped meat and some really yummy spices. And yes - the slice of bacon on top doesn't hurt.

The potatoes were a little lumpy but the gravy turned out great.

Plus a couple of glasses of wine.

Homemade meatloaf, mashed potatoes (with 2 cups of whole milk and 3 tbsp of butter), asparagus, creamed corn, 1/2 a biscuit with a pat of butter, gravy - made with just beef broth, brown gravy mix and Wondra flour whisked together and some cracked black pepper).

Jen and I are now watching Star Trek (the movie) and wondering if we're going to hate it.

I'll let you know.

PS - I saw videos today of me LAST Christmas. I was so heavy it was not right. You know how sometimes you think back and think it was probably not as bad as you remember??? Well in this instance IT WAS WAAAAY WORSE. Honestly. It's amazing to see the change between then and now. At least this Christmas I won't be running from the camera.

That's something at least!

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