Thursday, November 12, 2009


I had a lovely dinner at Salute tonight. I just hope it doesn't wreak havoc with my weigh in tomorrow.

Only time will tell.

One thing - I don't know if they were just busy or what but the service was at a camel's pace.

The food was worth the wait though.

I started with a piece of eggplant parmesan (shared 3 ways).

My entree was the Seafood Risotto - I have half of this left. I did eat all the clams and mussels though!

With asparagus on the side.

And because it looked (and tasted) so delicious - a picture of the chocolate souflee (thanks Jacki!). I stole some of the chocolate sauce from my friend Christina's dish and poured it on my ice cream.

Vanilla and chocolate gelatto and mint tea for dessert.

It was perfectly delicious.

Gym tomorrow - then weigh in. Then maybe a mani-pedi in the afternoon.

It's pay day - and I can finally breathe again.

PS - I also had 2 glasses of this.

The end. :)


  1. Dinner was great. It was nice hanging out two nights in a row.

  2. It was really fun!! You and Christina both need to stay over one night like we talked about. Let's figure out a good date.