Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday in Old Saybrook (and Essex too!)

After a 2.5 mile run (in about 22 minutes!) I headed off to Old Saybrook and Essex, CT with my mom, dad, aunt and uncle.

First we dropped of a 4 yr old munchkin back to her parents but not without planning our next adventure.

I had a banana in the car. We hit the road pretty early.

And a chocolate chip cookie - unpictured. Mads and my mom baked cookies while I was out on a run.

I also ate some sourdough pretzel nibblers I picked out at the gift shop in the rest stop on the way.

We did a little shopping - where I bought a cute little black dress for a black tie thingy my friends and I go to every February. It was only $72! Even if I lose more weight I think it'll fit. It's fitted and cute and I think I might wear pink shoes with it. I bought a cute pink clutch yesterday for $15. I'll show you pics of it soon. I forgot to take them and left the dress out at my parents.

And then had lunch at Aspen.

It's not a surprise that I'm a little annoyed with my slow and now stalled weight loss progress. I realized today it's because I'm doing many more sandwiches than salads lately. Today that's not going to really change - but yesterday I made an attempt.

I was really hungry so I amused myself taking pictures of my place setting.

And my bread...

And my wine (x2 - made me VERY SLEEPY)

I had the Market Salad w/Grilled Chicken which was a delicious mix of mixed greens, goat cheese, dried cranberries and pecans w/balsamic vinaigrette.

I didn't really like it. :)

Plus fries drizzled in truffle oil on the side. I can't pass up truffle fries. I had about 1/2.

Then we headed over to Essex for more shopping.

We stopped here for dessert:

This was a kid's size cup of Mint Chocolate Chip.

My dinner consisted of the following. Three of these:

And this while watching (read falling asleep to) Up! I was out before 10 last night and slept soundly till 7 this morning. I definitely need to see it again.

Which brings us to my breakfast this morning - eaten on the go. My mom gave me a ride into NYC this morning and I ate this in the car.

Ok...whew! All caught up! I've got a busy afternoon and chorus at 7. Hopefully I can stay awake!

See you later.

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